Tip 1: How to increase the speed of the notebook

Due to the specific features of notebooks can sometimes run a little slow.This is particularly true in cases when the laptop is running on battery.It is very inconvenient, especially when you need a fast-loading software and a laptop actively used.To speed up the laptop not required to purchase additional memory.You just need to properly configure the work programs and startup.
you need
  • Laptop;
  • program Ccleaner;
  • program TuneUp Utilities;
  • driver disk that you have when buying a laptop
Now almost all laptop models work with Windows 7 or Windows Vista.The two operating systems use the Aero interface to the desktop.Jobs interface uses a lot of computer resources.Therefore, it must be disabled.
To do this, right click on an empty space on the desktop.The context menu appears.In it, select "Personalize."The right window will be available for select topics.From the list, select the "simple theme" or "classic".Click on 'Save'.
next way to speed up laptop - this adjustment startup programs.Very often, on a laptop in the background can run a lot of software, and the user will not even know about it.These programs run with Windows.Each program is in memory and reduces the speed of the notebook .
To control, use the startup Ccleaner.On the Internet there are many free, but with limited functionality versions.Suitable absolutely any.
Run Ccleaner.Click the "Tools" and select "Startup".In the window that displays a list of all the programs that start with Windows.Uncheck the programs that are not needed.Keep only the most popular applications.For example, anti-virus application or the mail client.
Accelerate performance laptop also help install the drivers for the chipset laptop .Many ignore the installation of this driver, because without it all the functions of a laptop work.Installing this driver optimizes laptop .
Take a driver disk that you have when buying a laptop .Insert the disc into the drive and wait until it unwind.In the tab «driver» select the component «Chipset drivers».Installation will begin in the end of which will be asked to restart your computer.Agree.
next step is to clean registry Windows.To do this, download and install the program TuneUp Utilities.In the menu, select the component "system optimization", then the component "cleaning the registry."The program will remove all unnecessary components that slow down the speed of the notebook .

Tip 2: How to increase computer speed

Most PC users often wonder about increasing the speed of the computer .This procedure involves the fine-tuning of the whole system: the removal of malicious objects, and temporary files, cleaning the startup list, etc.Once all of these items you will notice a significant addition to the speed of the system.
How to increase computer speed
you need
  • Software (Eset Smart Security, CCleaner), system utilities.
One of the main "brake" of the system - is the presence of malicious objects, which are called viruses.Getting rid of the virus will allow you to accelerate rapidly in part fulfillment of the computer problems.By installing anti-virus should be approached with the utmost seriousness.The virus got to the hard drive, can do anything: to block the operation of the system, your hard disk drive files small size, attempted to damage any software.If your computer is an old-timer, the best antivirus system for it will Eset Smart Security.This complex, in contrast to other similar programs, occupies a small amount of RAM.It includes not only anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam.Also blocks any suspicious application, and also controls all the files that you download to your hard drive.
After you install an antivirus program, you need to edit the list of startup system.This can be done by means of special software or system utility "System Setup."Click "Start" menu, select "Run", type msconfig.In the window that opens, navigate to the "Startup".Turn off your unwanted or unused applications.After clicking the "Apply" button, then click "OK".In the dialog box, select "Exit without rebooting".
Next you need to get rid of temporary files that have accumulated on your machine: the history of the browser cache, files, folders Temp and etc.After starting the program, click "Clean" in the left pane, then click the "Analysis".After a few seconds in the program window will display a list of files to be cleaned, asThey are unnecessary.The operation clean junk files, click "Clear".
next step is to increase the speed of your system will change the display settings graphics.Right-click on the desktop, select "Properties", go to the tab "Design", select "Classic Style" in the "Windows and buttons".
Right-click on the icon "My Computer", select "Properties".In the window that opens, select the "Advanced" tab, followed by the section "Performance", click "Options."In the new window, go to the tab "Visual effects", activate the "Adjust for best performance".Below, you'll notice that all of the items were not allocated.If you do not like the look of the desktop and the conductor, check the following items on the contrary:
- shadow casting icons on the desktop;
- show window contents while dragging;
- to smooth edges of screen fonts.
Top 3 ways to increase computer speed
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