you need
  • built-in laptop microphone, an external dynamic microphone, the folder "Sound" ("Sounds and Audio Devices").
open on the desktop of your laptop "Start" menu.Select the "Control Panel" folder "Sound" (in earlier versions of Windows, called "Sounds and Audio Devices").In the new window that appears, click on the "REC".Then select the recording device "Microphone".Click on it with the mouse to change the settings.
Here arises a small window "Properties Microphone", where you can enable or disable the device itself, adjust the volume balance, choose sound effects, set th
e elements of the quality of the recording - bit depth and sampling rate for use in the generalmode.
You can use the already built-in laptop microphone and connect an external dynamic microphone through a special red socket "Microphone".It is located close to the line input and headphone hole.In the folder "Properties Microphone" click on the "General" tab.Then, in the lower field "Use of an" arrow, select "Use this device".Then click "Ok".The microphone must be turned on.
To adjust the volume balance, go to the relevant section of the "Levels".Put sliders microphone and amplifier to the desired level.Click "OK."Always listen carefully, you can hear the sound from the speakers of the speaker as a microphone to check the laptop really only allows the very presence of the sound.Use additional functions if you wish to add to the sound of the microphone sound effects.