If the battery is completely discharged laptop or defective, it may look like a malfunction of the computer.Try to be powered by its power supply.If it is on, leave it for a few hours that the battery is fully charged.Finding the same as he then can not work offline, replace the battery.You can also remove it - the laptop will still work on the power supply.But on and off the battery can only be disconnected unit.
If the laptop is, by contrast, operates only on battery power, and to connect the power supply does not react, immediately turn off the machine to the battery is not fully discharged.Then check the power supply.Disconnect it from the machine, and then connect it to the 24-volt light bulb power of several watts.It must be lighted.If it does not, locate and eliminate open circui
t in one of the cords - high voltage or low voltage.Continuity and produce solder previously pulled the plug.All carefully isolate the resulting compound.If it turns out that a problem with the unit, leave repairs to the person possessing the appropriate knowledge and skills, and familiar with the safety measures to be taken for the repair of such units.
To check the most power button located above it, remove the false panels.To complete disassembly laptop resorted to only if access to the buttons without this impossible.If you are not confident in their abilities, for the first time to disassemble and assemble the machine under the supervision and guidance of an experienced master.Disassemble the computer should be disconnected at the power supply and remove the battery.Rang the button in the pressed and pressed.If pressing it does not close, vypayat it and replace it with the same.Then assemble the laptop upside-down.
faulty motherboard may show itself as a failure of any of the above components.If, in spite of the corresponding symptoms suspicious component will actually serviceable (eg, power supply or the battery will be operational when checking in another the same laptop), disassemble the computer, remove the motherboard, give it to the repair or purchase the same, and thencollect the laptop upside-down.