you need
  • little attention
First you need to minimize all open windows so that the front of the user was only open desktop.You then need to call up the menu, right-clicking on the free area of ​​the desktop icons.
In the context menu that appears then, should select « Resolution screen », next to which is a small icon of a monitor.
When the control panel window appears with the title "Settings screen », will be available by selecting the display (in this case should be chosen "Display mobile PC"), and will be able to change the resolution selected screen and the orientation of the image that is displayed on the screen.
Next you need to choose the screen resolution , which is required by the user in the drop-down list under the name « Resolution ».To do this, using the mouse pointer to be moved slider up or down.The higher the user will move the slider, the higher will be the resolution of the screen .If you move the slider to the lower screen resolution decrease.
Now it is important not to forget to click on the button "Apply" to confirm the changes in Windows 7 or Windows Vista.Confirming the change, the user saves the work he has done up to this action.If you forget to click on the "Apply" button, changes are not saved and have to start from the beginning.
to close the "Settings screen » need to click "OK" button.Now you can break to operating a laptop with a modified screen resolution monitor.