you need
  • network cable
  • USB-drive
The easiest way to transfer data from a laptop to a laptop - to take advantage of USB-drives.This can be a USB flash drive or portable hard drive.Connect it to a PC or laptop, bring him the required files.Connect it to the second device and copy this information.The method is very simple, but there are situations when it becomes extremely uncomfortable.Imagine that you have a USB flash drive with 4GB of memory, and you need to transfer 30 GB.You will have eight times to connect a USB flash drive to each notebo
ok.Pleasure unpleasant.
Set direct-wired connection between laptops .Connect the laptop using a network cable.Open the LAN settings on any notebook.Select the properties of the protocol TCP / IP (v4).Activate the option "Use the following IP-address" and fill in the first field.Repeat the same operation on the second laptop, change the last (fourth) segment of IP-addresses.To access the desired notebook press Win + R and drive: \ IP-address.
If you are not satisfied with the wired connection option, connect laptops wirelessly.Open the Network and Sharing Center.Select "Manage wireless networks."Click "Add" and select "create an ad hoc network."Click "Next".Enter the name of the future network and the password to connect to it.Data transfer rate up to 100 Mbit / c.
including the second laptop.Activate the search for wireless networks.Select the one you just created, and connect to it by entering the required password.To open files of a laptop, working with another type described in the previous step.Remember that the speed of information exchange between laptops will depend on the quality of the wireless signal.To maximize the speed of both devices must be placed as close as possible to each other.