BIOS (Basic Input-Output System - Basic Input-Output System) - is built into the motherboard is a small program, which is essentially an intermediary between computer "iron" and the operating system.
To enter the settings BIOS (BIOS Setup Utility), you need during one of the short stages beginning boot click on certain key keyboard.In most cases (but, unfortunately, not in all cases absolutely) the name of the key indicated on the monitor screen at the precise moment when the entry into the BIOS settings available.As a rule, at the bottom of the screen displays the corresponding label, for example: "Press DEL to enter setup", ": BIOS Setup".
standard keys that you must press to enter the BIOS at boot time
are key Delete (Del), Escape (Esc), Insert (Ins) and F1.Less common, but are also quite common options F2 and F10.Currently, however, listed the standard keys enter the BIOS settings do not exhaust all possible options.
Different models of Dell laptop computers and require pressing different keys to enter the BIOS.Consider ways to enter the setup BIOS, set for different models of laptops Dell:
- to enter the BIOS Setup Utility the Dell 400, you need to press F1 or F3;
- Models Dell Dimension and Dell Optiplex - F2 or Del;
- models of Dell Inspiron and Dell Precision button a F2;
- model Dell Latitude - F2 or simultaneously two Fn key and F1.
If pressing these keys do not produce the desired results, you can try the following options:
- simultaneously press Alt and Enter;
- simultaneously press the Alt and Ctrl;
- simultaneously press the Ctrl and Esc;
- press the button twice you restart your computer (Reset).
It must be remembered that the opportunity to enter the BIOS setup exists only for a few seconds during startup.If the specified key is pressed by the user slightly earlier or later than you need, then enter the BIOS Setup Utility will not happen.