you need
  • - PC;
  • - internet;
  • - browser Google Chrome.
If you used the icon in the form of stars, the address of the page will be stored in the top of the browser window on the bookmarks bar.
If you do not find the bookmarks bar, then you need to turn it on display.Go to the function of the browser settings, find the menu options for bookmarks, press the line "Show bookmarks bar."Here you can simply click on the "Bookmark manager" and immediately go to the right address.
In Google Chrome, you can create a bookmark , not particularly going into the system settings.Simply press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D.Save your favorites to browse the site using the mouse.Press the left button and drag the URL from the address bar to the bookmarks bar.If you clic
k on the tabbed panel the right mouse button, you will see a menu.Examine the function - you can add bookmarks by selecting the button "Add page".
Saved sites can sort as you wish.In the "Name" field, change the name of the resource.If you are not satisfied with the location of the bookmark "default", select another, creating themed folders.Organize your bookmarks by category of sites.
Create a folder in the "Bookmarks Toolbar" several subfolders.Drag the address of the new site by clicking on a URL left mouse button, then drag it to the desired subfolder.If the site was saved unnecessary - it is easy to remove.Click on the address of the site the right mouse button, remove vydellennoe URL by using the button on the toolbar "Delete".
Try creating your bookmarks in Google Chrome.You do not get stuck in your favorite sites, and the most necessary to be always at hand.Bookmarks can be saved on a PC, move the stick, to use at work and at home.
Note the small utility Bookmarks Backup.If you install it in the system, it will automatically detect the browser you use.In the Bookmarks Backup tick the browsers whose bookmarks you want to save.Specify the path to save and wait a few seconds.To use bookmarks saved enough to take advantage of clause Restore.