you need
  • Kit SATA-disk, USB-container laptop.
Key Features Disc:

- SATA-cable has identical connectors.One connector leads to the motherboard, the second - directly to the hard drive.Improper connection of SATA-disks - an impossible operation;

- SATA-drives are not available jumpers - the connection is very simple;

- SATA-drives for laptops, and the differences are not set using an additional device.
To connect SATA-disk must be:

- buy USB-container for external drives;

- put the disc into the container and connect the internal wiring;

- connect the connecting cable to the USB connector
into the laptop.
To your operating system is able to see the new drive, you must set the operation mode of the disc.By connecting all the wires.On the adapter should illuminate the warning light.
Turn on the computer, when the computer boots, press Delete.
to display the BIOS Setup - tab select the parameters of installed devices - view all available devices - among them should have a HDD SATA.
When you install any operating system requires additional drivers to your hard drive.However, some versions of the operating systems are already equipped with such drivers.
When installing a hard drive with the installed operating system, drivers are loaded to the system after turning on the computer, and the Welcome screen.
After loading the operating system, some containers are automatically detected by the system.The message of the need to reboot.Click "Yes".The next time you restart the drive will be installed.Go to "My Computer" and make sure it is displayed.