you need
  • - laptop;
  • - speakers;
  • - microphone.
Buy high-quality speakers.Sound card in a laptop and change the card functions as are necessary for karaoke.Also on your mobile computer, you can install the software synthesizer, which will make the process of playing the musical accompaniment of higher quality.
Purchase a microphone.The microphones are electret or dynamic.Dynamic characterized by low signal amplitude, and this, in turn, requires a more powerful amplifier on the sound card.The electret microphone is already integrated power amplifier.The best option is a wireless microphone.No wires allows you to enjoy singing in full.
Connect a microphone to your notebook.
Install the software.Programs can be downloaded from the Internet, but you can buy a CD with them.There are many types of software with different features and functions.Select suitable for installation on his laptop.
Turn on the laptop, speakers and microphone.Adjust the volume.Open the program and select the desired song.On the laptop will lyrics.There are websites on the internet that offer karaoke online.There, the situation is much simpler - choose your favorite song and sing.Sing happy for the joy of themselves and their loved ones.