To quickly change the brightness of the monitor to the lowest possible value, use a combination of "hot" keys.One of the key combination - Fn (located in the lower left corner of the keyboard), and the other depends on the notebook model.This "stranger" will necessarily belong to the function keys (F1..F12 in the top row of the keyboard), and that you have specifically clarified in the manual of the computer or to find out "at random".Thus, in the Asus notebooks are usually a combination of Fn + F7, in Samsung - Fn + F5, Acer - Fn + F6, etc.
There is a way "for the lazy" - just wait until the screen itself extinguished.Every time do not wait too long, you can just put one in the settings at any reasonable tim
e.If your computer is running Windows 7, to do this, click on the icon "Power" in the system tray - the one with a battery.In the pop-up menu, select "Setting power options."Then click on the link "Adjusting the display off" and select the desired time interval in the fields "Display dimming" and "Turn off the display."The treatment is click "Save Changes."
method for lazy and impatient at the same time: close the lid of the laptop.On the one hand, the screen will cease to illuminate everything around almost immediately, and on the other - he goes off by itself after a set time.As this point, the time described in the previous step.
in laptops running Mac OS - «MacBook" - a combination of keys to quickly turn off the screen also exists.This is usually a combination of keys Control + Shift + Eject.In addition, you can assign this function to one of the corners of the screen - «active corner" - and then it will be enough to make this corner of the pointer to the brightness of the screen immediately dropped to zero.