you need
  • Asus laptop with a built-in webcam.
Among other notebooks of this manufacturer are also found the problem display on the camera image: it either does not exist or is displayed in a dark color.A radical solution to the problem - a change camera settings.By setting refers to the dismantling of the camera, and turn 180 degrees.The procedure is fairly complicated, but if you do not help the driver - the only way out.
But to put any video driver is a big mistake, because for each type of camera has some software, and control files.First of all, you need to find the ID of the camera.With the monitoring system connected devices you can easily find the identifier.
Regardless of the version of the operating system, you need to open the "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu and call the "Device Manager" from the applet "System Properties."In the window that opens, select the device in the context menu, click on "Properties".Go to the tab "Data", and copy the ID of the current equipment.
Go to the driver download page, which contains a reference to the block "Additional Resources", and verify you copied the ID to match a particular camera.Once you find the desired value, scroll down the page and download the correct driver.In the window, specify the directory to save the file and click "Save" or press Enter.
Install the software and restart your laptop.Turn any application that works with a Web cam to check the resulting image.If the picture remains the same, it makes sense to contact the technical support or service center.Also do not forget about loading alternate versions of the drivers on the official site.