you need
  • - instruction to the motherboard.
Restart your Toshiba laptop, and when the first black screen with white lettering immediately press repeatedly press Delete.For some models are characterized by the other teams, for example, F2, or F10, everything here may depend on the motherboard model.Most laptops support old-style entrance to the BIOS using the same commands, but lately these teams too vary even within the same line of computers.
Use and pressing F1, Esc, F11 and so on.Also, in rare cases, the BIOS can be started by pressing the not one but two keys.In this case, try to use the above key in combination with the Fn, Ctrl, Alt and so on.
When the computer note the inscription Press ... to enter setup, instead of the points must be given the corresponding key to enter the BIOS configuration program.If you do not have time to see the label, use the button PauseBreak in the upper right corner.Some models of motherboards support the action stops loading when you press it, and then you will just have to check the desired command.
Read review your motherboard cards, especially with regards to the function key assignments at startup.It is possible that there you will find the information you need.
Learn motherboard model, you can, turning the laptop and looking at the information on the labels of service, as well as in the Device Manager, which is launched from the tab "Equipment" in the properties of the computer.In addition, you can just read on the box configuration.Do not forget to download instructions to the motherboard - it will not only allow you to open the BIOS, but also helps when working with Toshiba computers in the future.