Tip 1: How to record audio on a laptop

Contrary to popular opinion, laptop exactly the same as on your computer, you can record sound .The notebook has an integrated sound a marketing map, so to record sound well enough to have a program for recording audio and microphone.
you need
  • Notebook sound card
  • program for sound recording
  • Microphone
  • adapter
First we need to choose a program to record sound and.You can use standard Windows-program "Recording" (to run it, open the "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Recording"), or choose other paid or free program for recording audio.One of the most popular are such powerful marketing sound editors like Sound Forge, Audition, and others. Choose the software that is more to your taste.
Prepare the microphone.Typically, the input connector on the sound a marketing map has an interface minijack, microphone and connector has an interface jack.Have a professional microphone connector usually has an interface XLR.Accordingly, in order to connect th
e microphone to the sound
a marketing map, you need to pre-purchase a special adapter.
Connect the microphone to the sound a marketing map notebook.Open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Sound".Locate the "Recording" tab and adjust the microphone volume.Speak into the microphone pass phrase, such as "One, two, three" - to make sure it is working.
start the selected program for recording sound well.Create a new file (the project) and press the record button.On the toolbar, it is most often performed an icon with a red circle.Recording gone, recorded using the microphone that you need and sound.When the need to interrupt the recording - press the "Stop" (typically an icon in the form of a small square).Depending on the complexity of the selected optional programs you can implement additional processing of the recorded sound a marketing track.Then save the file.

Tip 2: How to record voice on the laptop

before some users sometimes face the task of recording the voice instructions to a portable device such as a laptop.It may take all of the equipment required for recording voice on my desktop.
How to record voice on the laptop
you need
  • - laptop;
  • - microphone;
  • - Software Sound Forge.
There are several ways to record your voice with the help of various programs.As the microphone is necessary to use a special device of the same name, but not the headphones, speakers and other, etc.To connect a microphone to your notebook you want to insert it into the connector plug laptop pink.When the portable device is not marked with the colors of audio jacks, be guided by the symbol next to the connectors applied.
then run record.To test the microphone is sufficient to use the standard software in operating systems Windows.Click "Start" menu and navigate to "All Programs."Open list of "standard" and in the "Entertainment", select "Recording".
In the opened window, click the "Record".At your disposal is 60 seconds - this is the main disadvantage of this program, but you can listen to the recording and save it for later editing.To stop recording, press "Stop" and press "Play" - listen to the recorded.
recorded as an editor and saved files, you can use the following utilities - Sound Forge, which is also used for recording music and vocals.To the weak laptop should be fine version 6.0 or 7.0.Run this utility can be from the desktop using the shortcut or by opening the same label in the section "All Programs" menu "Start".
In the main window to start recording, just press the button with the red circle.In the recording, you need to set some parameters.If a microphone is used before, probably do not need to adjust.On the right side you will see the two sensors in the form of vertical stripes.Say a few words into the microphone - the state of the sensors should be changed, the microphone is OK.If changes are not followed, there is a problem with the definition of a microphone.
To stop recording press the button with the image of a gray square.To save a track, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S. In the next window, enter the file name, type of object stored, and click "Save".
Is there a program that lets you record voice on your PC?And somehow to format it?There is a program Nero Wave editor.
Helpful Hint
What can and should record voice and create an audio file: 1. Create an audio podcast.You can create a section on your blog, where you will not broadcast in the usual text format and audio format, cycling way of perceiving auditory information from your readers, who are now become more and listeners!
Helpful Hint
If you do not wish to record large amounts of audio information and still carry their subsequent processing, there is not much point in using a powerful audio editor.The simpler the program - the easier it is to understand it, especially the beginner.And with its main task and so it will successfully cope.
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