Tip 1: How do I find the model Asus laptop

It is often not so easy to learn model of a laptop , as lost documents, packaging, receipts.However, there are other ways to establish the exact model name of your device.
Find a package of Asus laptop and note the marked goods.Usually it is a sticker on the side of the box, it must be written in the relevant information.Also, it can be found in the documents for warranty service or commodity-cash receipt.
Turn the laptop and check whether there is on the back cover sticker with information about it, it is usually located above the license sticker operating system, if any.Also, do not be amiss to check the battery compartment.Very often these labels also spelled model motherboard.
If your body laptop left stickers for any reason, try to view information about the computer's hardware configuration.To do this, open System Properties, right-click on the blank area of ​​the menu "My Computer", you will display a small window with multiple tabs.Go to the one which
is called "Equipment".
Open Device Manager by clicking the appropriate button.Look at the available equipment in it, copy the name of the motherboard, video card, model some of the other devices in the configuration with the purchase.Open the first tab, and write down the frequency of the processor and RAM.
Open the browser, type in the search box the name of the manufacturer of your notebook , the name of some models of devices and parameters of the processor and RAM.In the search results, try to choose those that will help determine your particular model .
Try to look at the official website of the Asus laptop models , which were on sale at the time of your purchase, select among them its previously comparing the technical characteristics of the properties of the computer.

Tip 2: How to find a model laptop

If you have a laptop, documents he does not, and to determine its model necessary - do not despair.There are at least four easy ways to learn model and configuration laptop .
How do I find the laptop model
you need
  • Internet access
For starters take a look in the BIOS.On computers get there by pressing the delete key on boot.But laptop it's often missing and it is replaced by a button from the row F. Depending on the model, it could be F1 and F12.In BIOS power user (or who knows English) will find all the interesting information.
If you still do not experience, then you can go for a simpler way.Search online and download a small program Everest Ultimate Edition.After installing and running it will show you detailed information about the system.Even the one about which you are unaware.
However, these methods only work if the laptop is running.If not, then get the warranty seal or serial number label on the bottom of the body (sometimes it happens in the back).The model is written after the word model.But such a label can be either disrupted or (if an old laptop) all the figures on it are erased.Then check the battery - stickers on it last longer.Although all available model .
labels If you have not found the need to go to the "manual" mode.To hammer into a search engine "laptops + Name of the manufacturer (labeling on the body was to remain in any case)," and compare with pictures.Not so fast, but not so long as it seems.
Helpful Hint
Keep all factory sticker on your laptop, and do not throw away receipts, packaging and garantiyniki.


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