Take modem , read the instructions.It must be accessible language spelled out the steps to install.It is important to pay attention to the compatible operating systems, and it must be done even in the store.Basically, if your laptop running Windows XP, you can be sure that the modem will work without problems.If you are using any other operating systems - Windows 95, 98, 7, Linux - is on the question of compatibility should be consulted in advance.
Run the installation disc.Together with any computer equipment is the installation program.With its help, you need to install the modem .To do this, insert the disc into the mirror down,
and then close it.After a few seconds, the monitor will show a special window, symbolizing the beginning of the installation.In parallel with this bubble will appear "found new hardware".This means that the disc is detected.If not for a few minutes, then run the installation yourself.To do this, select: • Start (icon to the left on the bottom of the monitor); • My Computer (or "Computer"). Among the devices with removable storage drive icon should appear.Open it by double-clicking the left mouse button or press the right button once and the supernatant from the menu, choose "open".If the disc is not shown here, then remove it and then try to run.If, and this time it did not work, or the drive is not working properly, or removable media is damaged.
Install.To do this, just follow the prompts.After the installation window appears, select the language and the root directory for saving files on the local disk, and then click "Install."The program is established automatically.
Insert in modem USB-connector and configure connection to the Internet.You can recognize them from your service provider.