Find laptop battery charging icon in the lower right corner of the screen.Typically, it looks like the battery (if your computer is connected to a network, the next image will still fork).If there is no icon in the notation visible click on the arrow that points upward.Panel opens with hidden icons.There will be visible to the required battery.
click the left mouse button on the icon.Will pop up a window where you will be indicated the battery level, as well as the chosen plan of energy supply of the notebook.Nothing is changing, look for the lowest string - "Additional parameters of energy supply."Click on it.
In the left pane of the window that opens, select the "Action when closing the lid."Note that the options that you change on this page are automatically applied to al
l power plans.
system offers you to choose how to act in case of a laptop on AC or battery power.If your computer is permanently connected to the power supply, you can make changes only in the "Plugged in".But it is better to put the same working conditions in both cases.
laptop to work with the lid closed, refer to the third item on the list - "When I close the lid."In both windows, set the "Do Nothing."Confirm your selection by pressing the "Save changes".Now, when the laptop lid is lowered, it will continue to work normally.
Go to the tab "Change plan settings".Sincewhen the lid is closed the computer will continue to operate as usual, it will apply the settings "Going to Sleep".In this case, it will be impossible, for example, continued charging any device to the port USB.
If you frequently work on the network, turn off the sleep mode in this column, in all three windows put "Never."Now, when energized, the notebook will always work.If you want continuous operation of the computer and the battery, then the appropriate column and put down, "Never."Save your changes.