Tip 1: How to connect your laptop to the router

before many users laptops problem - how to connect to the Internet through a router on it?Of course, it is possible to seamlessly connect its wire.But it is not very convenient.Therefore it is better to take advantage of technology Wi-Fi, which is supported by almost all laptops and routers.
First of all, on the set-up time is necessary to connect your laptop to the router ordinary wire.Enter the router control panel, opening your browser address , and enter the username and password (it is usually specified in the documentation for the router ).
Then turn the DHCP service and go to the tab control wireless connections Wi-Fi.Activate the service by setting the appropriate checkbox.Create a new network, giving it a network name (SSID) and set an access password length of 8 to 13 characters (also known as network key).
You can not set a password, but then your network will be available to all, which is extremely dangerous.In order to strengthen t
he protection of the established network of foreign activate encryption - for WindowsXP suit WPA, and for Windows Vista and Seven, as well as a preferred Linux WPA2.
recommended also activate the "hidden network" - in this network will not be visible in the search.Make a note of the name of the network you created and its key.Disconnect the cable connecting the router and a laptop.
Now you can connect your laptop to the router using Wi-Fi.Turn on Wi-Fi module in the laptop regular way.Wait until the system is ready for operation (it usually takes about 1-2 minutes).After that, go to the management of network connections and use the wizard to connect to a wireless network.If you have not enabled the "hidden network", simply select it from the found master.If the option has been applied, enter the network name manually.Enter at the request of the master password (key) network.After this, open the properties, you have created the connection and the properties of the component "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)ยป select the option "Obtain an IP automatically" .Check connection to the Internet.

Tip 2: How to connect the printer to the router via kompyutreu

To connect the printer to the computer through a router, you can use the services of specialists.However, the pay for his work, it is better to try to do it yourself.Especially because no special difficulties in this.
Connect the printer via a router
in computer stores more often you can see new models of laser printers.Such equipment becomes necessary when it comes to getting high quality scanned images.And it's not only the need to use this technology, but also in the continuous development of modern technologies.

Ability to connect the printer via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi network is also used frequently, and almost every institution, you can connect to the Internet free of charge.It is very comfortable.If we talk about using Wi-Fi routers, it is the most convenient way to connect to the Internet from other devices.

If you have recently purchased a new printer with a connection to a computer network Wi-Fi, it is advisable to find out exactly how to do it yourself than to cause a specialist and pay for his work.

connect the printer via a router

First of all it is worth noting that conventional inkjet printers do not have this function as connection via Wi-Fi.From your printer and on how to create a wireless network connection depends.The easiest way to set up the printer via a router.For a start it should be set up and create a new network.Keep in mind that the router must be firmware that supports printing.

Connect the printer to the router via USB-cable, and the power supply must be turned off.After you power on the router, you must go to the web-based interface through a computer.Next you need to enter your login and password on the main tab, you should see a pop-up window indicating that the printer was found.

If your computer is running windows 7, then set the printer to be the easiest way.Go to the "Start" menu, and then in the "Search".In the search box, type the word "installation".The computer will find the list of operations you need to select the "Printer Setup".In the resulting window, select the "Add a local printer."Next you need to create a new port called the standard TCP / IP Port, and enter the address of your router, and should remove the check mark next to "interrogate the printer."Click "Next".

Once the device is found, select the type of device, then click "special", and then click "Options."Set the desired values, then the system will start to search for the printer driver for your model.Once the driver is installed, you will only cause your printer to a working condition and click "Finish".
  • connect the printer via a router
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