Make sure that your notebook model includes additional features numeric entry keypad.To do this, type in a search engine query specification and the desired option you want to learn.Also note the presence of numbers on letter keyboard buttons, usually arranged on its right side, however, may depend on the model and manufacturer.
If your laptop model function on numpad, look in the lower left corner of the key Fn, it is usually located near the Win.This is an additional button, which, when combined with other computer sends a command to the implementation of an action, for example, some notebook models, simultaneously pressing Fn and the arrow keys up and down adjusts the volume of the audio device.Here, you'll need to activate
the numpad.
Find out what additional keyboard button in conjunction with the Fn includes the required function.Usually in most notebook models is responsible for this key NumLk, which is located in the upper right corner next to the F12.If you have a netbook, this key can simultaneously have other functions besides the basic.
Press simultaneously to Fn and Num Lk.Pay attention to see if your monitor screen icon change the input mode.Try typing a few characters from the keyboard in a text document.At the same time, use the keys on which the letters are arranged together with the numbers.
Turning off this mode is performed in the same order.Its inclusion is convenient mainly for those who like to play computer games on a full keyboard.Also, many are accustomed to using NumPad on conventional computers and other purposes, so the newer models of laptops and netbooks include a function to support the regime.