you need
  • - press crimping pliers;
  • - network cable "twisted pair";
  • - connector.
Prepare all the tools needed to connect the connector.Without fail you will need a press tool for crimping.Without them, can perform crimping unless professional networking wizard.
Buy network cable, which is called, as a rule, twisted pair, since it consists of eight pairs intertwined wires.So be sure to stock up on plenty of connectors, as practice shows, the first time to connect them does not always work.
Strip the crimped end of the power cable.Just remove approximately one centimeter shell.Try not to damage the wiring.Separate them and straighten.Then arrange them by color.The most common combination is white with orange - orange - white with
green - blue - white with blue - green - white with brown - brown.In some cases, depending on your router or modem combination may be different.Refine this can be, read the instruction manual of the device.
Insert the wires into the connector by color.Sam put the connector in the crimping device and squeeze the handle.As a result, the metal contacts are folded back wires, and the reason to be firmly grasped by plastic fasteners.
Gently tug on the cable to ensure reliable fastening.Perform the operation on the other side of the crimping of twisted pair.This wiring connected to the connector in the mirror position of colors.
Connect one end of a network cable to the modem or router, and the second - to a computer and configure the network connection.If you connect two computers to each other, the order of colors in the connector will be different.In this case, the combination would be: white and orange - orange - green and white - blue - white and blue - green - white and brown - brown.The second connector is connected by means of cross combinations in which the outer and inner pair crossed.