Tip 1: How to enable hibernation mode on a laptop

Set sleep mode laptop in several ways.For example, "teach" it will automatically go to sleep if you're within a certain period of time, do not perform any action.For notebooks, it is very important because their main advantage - mobility, but the main disadvantage - limited battery life."Books" are useful outside the home, so it is important to learn how to save power.
There are several levels of sleep mode, for example, on Windows, three of them: "Sleep," "Hybrid Sleep" and "Hibernate".Like all of the settings in the operating system, they are governed by "Control Panel."
Open "Control Panel» - & gt;"System and Maintenance» - & gt;"Power."Click settings "Setting the Sleep" command "Change advanced power settings."
In the window "Power" you will see a list of parameters, select the drop-down list of "Sleep."Normal sleep mode is a work laptop at the lowest level of power consumption, while the data on the working programs are stored in memory.
Expand the list of "Sleep after" and make the appropriate changes in its options "On battery" and "Plugged in".The notebook will go into standby mode after you specify the number of minutes, if during this time, you do not press any keys and do not use the mouse.The computer sees this as a signal to energy conservation.
Unfortunately, not hibernate the laptop will protect against data loss when power is turned off for any reason.In this case it is better to take advantage of hybrid sleep mode, in which the copy of the data on the working programs of the memory to the hard drive.This laptop is slowly awakening, but you do not have to worry about the safety of the work done.
Change the hybrid mode drop-down list "Allow hybrid sleep".Place the "On" in front of one or both "On battery" and "Plugged in".
Hibernate - a complete shutdown of the notebook, which was previously retains all that is in the memory at this point, to the hard disk.When you turn all of the information is retrieved and returned to the main memory.Running the computer is restored to the condition in which she was in at the time of leaving the machine in hibernation.It takes more time upon awakening, but it saves much more energy.
Change the drop-down list Hibernate "Hibernate after."After completing all the settings, save them by clicking "OK" and close the "Control Panel".Now, when you slam the lid while the laptop or permanently excommunicated, you do not have to worry about losing data on return.

Tip 2: How do I turn on the computer hibernate

If you need to leave your computer for a while, then it is not necessary to turn off.You can just put the computer into sleep mode.Out of it takes place in a matter of seconds.Besides, this mode there is one very significant advantage in going it does not need to close running programs and applications.
How do I turn on the computer hibernate
you need
  • - a computer running Windows.
first will be considered transition into sleep mode on the operating system Windows XP.Note that to activate the sleep mode and on the system drive of your computer should be free at least ten percent of the space, or use this option, you can not.
You must first enable this feature of the operating system.To do this, click on an empty section of your desktop, right-click.The context menu appears in which select "Properties".In the resulting window, click on the tab "Screensaver".Below the window that appears is "Power" button.Click on this button.Then go to the tab "Sleep mode ».Then check the box next to the line "Enable hibernation mode well."
Now we need your option is enabled.Accordingly, it is possible and the computer in sleep mode .To do this, click "Start".Then select "Disable."As you will notice in the window there is a button "Sleep mode », there is only "Standby mode ».Do not confuse these s regime - are two different things.In this window, press Shift.
Then you will see that instead of waiting mode and now appeared "Sleep mode ».To exit from it you need to press the power button on your system unit.On some models, the motherboard of the computer from sleep mode as possible by simply pressing any key on your keyboard.
In Windows 7 hibernate mode replaced hibernation.The difference is that after the transition to a computer "sleep" data is written to the hard disk, not in memory.After the release of "sleep" data is restored.To go into sleep mode on this operating system, click "Start".Place your mouse over the arrow next to "Disable."Next in the list that appears, select the "Dream".After that, your computer will be transferred to hibernation mode.
  • how to change the sleep mode


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