Sometimes in life it is necessary to know the brand his laptop .For example, if after the repair has been completely replaced by a plastic housing.Or if as a result of neglect were torn branded nameplates.Or if there was a need for the acquisition of spare parts - power wires, batteries, video, etc.Learn brand laptop in most cases is quite simple.
Try to find documents on a laptop - warranty card, registration card, an information leaflet, etc.- They are compulsorily prescribed make and model of your computer.
If the documents could not be found, carefully inspect the exterior and interior of the lid and the bottom of the laptop .The most common brand is right there.Inspect the unit and in the supply - often a sticker with the
indication of the manufacturer is including it.
If on the body did not have any markings, you can refer to the operating system.To do this, go to "My Computer", choose where the "Control Panel" - "System and Security", go under "System".There has to be specified by the manufacturer of the computer that is its make and model.
If the system is reinstalled, or the laptop is in non-warranty repair, it is possible that information on the brand laptop prove incorrect.Therefore, choose the best parts for the replacement directly to the machine itself, in the presence of an experienced consultant.Otherwise there can be problems with the installation or compatibility.At worst, it can terminate serious damage laptop , up to the impossibility of recovery.