fairness, it should be noted that most of the computers on your device is very similar.Consequently, in order to perform a particular operation, simply perform a specific set of actions.It concerns not just desktops, but also laptops.
Therefore, in order to get into the BOIS, must perform certain actions in a certain sequence.As on my desktop and on a laptop .So, let's begin.First you need to start your computer when it is turned off (if it is included - initiate restart via the menu "Start").
Then look carefully at the screen.At the bottom will be displayed in English, which will be allocated in large type the name of the key you want to press to enter the system BIOS.Basically
, this key F2 or F12.Everything depends on the components of the computer.However, as mentioned above, the most common is referred keys.
see the name of the key should immediately click on it.To be sure - better than a few times.Otherwise it would have to restart the computer and carry out the above operation again.
If the first time managed to enter the BIOS method of pressing the necessary keys - fine, you can continue working.
So, the goal is achieved - BIOS spread over the entire screen with a blue background grayish letters.In no particular experience or mentor to change the settings within the system is strongly discouraged.But see, that is - never forbidden.
When all that is necessary, reviewed and changed if necessary, we can go.This is done just as easy - a key is pressed F10, if you want to save your changes and exit.If you do not have to save anything, the top of the screen you can see the tab «EXIT».Selects the tab, pressing «Enter», followed by the letter «y» in response to the question of whether or not you get out of Hoth.
BIOS safely left behind.Entry and exit successfully accomplished.Goal achieved.