While working at a laptop accumulates a certain number of files that are not any good, but only clog computer memory, preventing the normal functioning of the programs, and confusing the user.To properly clear the memory of the laptop, you need to understand the types of unnecessary files and their places of storage.
most obvious guardian file garbage - is, of course, "Cart."This is a temporary home for the files that are most likely no longer be necessary.The next type of files are temporary internet files.All of them do not need to be removed, since they accelerate access to frequently visited pages, but once a mont
h there is likely to find a couple of hundred of files that you no longer need.This can be understood by name.
delete files with the extension chk, the antivirus program creates them during the test drive.They are stored in the "root" directory of the hard disk.This so-called lost clusters files.Get rid of error reporting and dump, which occupy a lot of disk space.
Temporary files are created when you run any program of the operating system.The idea is that they should be removed immediately after its completion, however, sometimes remain in place due to failure or defects creators.
Another type of files that can be removed - backup copies of documents.It's almost all files that have in its name the symbol ~ - "tilde".As a rule, files with the extension bak, old, wbk and so forth. However, be careful not to delete files that are still in operation, otherwise it will crash and unsaved documents can not be restored.
Take special programmoy- "cleaner" if you are afraid to hurt your laptop.This program is a part of any operating system Windows.Access to it is accessed through the "Start» - & gt;"All Programs» - & gt;«Standard» - & gt;"Utilities."Also, it is possible to click on the link "System and Security» - & gt;"Administration» - & gt;"Freeing up disk space".
cleaning program make it possible to install additional settings that can help you avoid the loss of important files.You can use third-party programs, such as, CCleaner, which is distributed free of charge.This program - more forgiving with respect to files, in addition, it is able to clean up the history of your stay in the network, including the history of search queries and site visits.It also has variable settings.