Create network in one of the notebooks.The principle of operation Wi-fi requires a host, i.e.the host network.For example, it can be wireless router.And in your case, when there are only two laptops, the host must be one of them.Which computer is "server", does not have a fundamental difference.Open the "Control Panel" and select "Network Connections" - if you're working with Windows XP.If your laptop is not turned off wi-fi connection, you will see the icon, signed as "Wireless Connection" in the network connections menu.If the icon is gray, ie inactive, or it is not, turn the power on the notebook chassis.Right buttons marked with the antenna and the lamp lights up.
Right-click the connection icon and select "Properties".This opens a wind
ow with information about the connection, select it in the line titled "Internet Protocol TCP / IPĀ» and then click "Properties".Check the box "Use the following IP-address" and enter the address for your notebook, such as the subnet mask -, and save with OK.Then click on the tab "Wireless Networks" and click "Advanced".You will see a window with three options for selecting the type of network, select the "Network computer to computer" and click "Close."
Click "Add" button at the bottom of the window on the tab Wireless Networks.This opens a window where you must enter a name for the network, this is done in the box marked SSID.For a single connection, or the rare convenient undo encryption and network protection - Select "Open" and "Disabled" in the fields below the network name.
If you plan to frequently use the network, then select the option to check, ie "On" and enter a password for the network in the corresponding field.Be sure to write down the password-key, without it would be impossible to connect to your network.When you are finished entering data, click OK to all the windows.The network is created, it remains only to connect a laptop to her second.
Open the "Network Connections" on the second laptop.Double-click the wireless connection to open the browse and search networks.Click "Refresh network list" and double-click the line with the correct SSID - the name of the created network.If you specify a password for the network during the setup process, you will need when you connect with the second laptop to enter the password.After a few seconds the connection will be established.
If not, set the IP-address of the "slave" laptop manually.To do this, right-click the connection icon, select "Properties" and enter the IP-address on the first laptop.One caveat - the last digit must be different, for example, if was to "network server", then on "client" should be changing the IP-address, reboot the notebook.