you need
  • - laptop;
  • - Ati Catalist Control Center;
  • - Adobe Gamma;
  • - Corel Draw.
Set setting color channels via the video card utilities to customize the display of colors in the laptop.To do this, first make a desktop screen in the program Corel Draw, in several columns, place the colors to make the transition from the saturated to the white.In this picture, try to change the levels and try to get a normal result.
Adjust colors laptop using Adobe Gamma, which allows you to customize the color of the monitor, and download a ready profile already configured with the operating system loads.Before setting to start set the color temperature.The higher the score, the blue screen will appear.Check it out by any shades of gray.Make a picture in any editor, print it to a printer (using the mode "Sha
des of gray").Compare the image on the paper with the screen, try to put screen display close to paper.Click "OK" to save the settings of the screen color palette, you are prompted to overwrite the current configuration file, it is better to create a new file and save them there.
program Adobe Gamma Add to Startup.To do this, copy the shortcut to the program, go to the "Explorer", select "Programs", then the "Startup" and paste the copied label.This will enable the program to boot with the operating system and set the screen settings you have configured using the profile.
Adjust the brightness and contrast of the display of the notebook.On its front panel buttons do not have to adjust the brightness and contrast.To adjust the brightness (this function is supported by most noubtukov) hold Fn, press the function key to reduce the brightness or increase.In carrying potassium edge color screen on a laptop, choose the maximum brightness.