Tip 1: How to restore the laptop hard drive

any hard disk eventually fails.At this point it is important to move quickly to restore the necessary files preserved in this medium.When working with the hard disk of the mobile computer, there are several solutions to the problem.
you need
  • - Mount'n'Drive;
  • - boxing SATA-USB.
Quite often fail hard disk well connected with the refusal of the boot sector.This means that the device can not install the operating system and use it as the main drive.Try to connect the hard drive as a secondary drive .
main snag is that for mobile computers do not connect directly two internal drive.Get an external box that allows you to connect a hard drive and interfaces IDE or SATA to USB-port.
Install a hard drive in the box and connect it to a mobile computer.Naturally, you need another hard drive , which will have an operating system.
internal laptop drives with SATA interface can be connected to a desktop computer.To do this, remove the hard drive from the hou
sing laptop and remove the carriage.Be sure to remove the carriage mounting the hard drive
Connect the drive to the motherboard of a desktop computer using a cable with SATA-connectors.Turn on the computer.Wait a while until the operating system will detect the new drive.
Determine if standard copying information from the hard drive well.Take the necessary files and format the device.If the hard drive is unavailable for use, install Mount'n'Drive.Run it.
Right-click on the icon of the damaged hard drive.Select "Mount" and select an arbitrary drive letter well.Wait for the creation of a new local volume.
Open contents using Explorer Windows.Remove sensitive files and turn off the hard disk .It is worth noting that the rate of reading the mounted disk and can be very small.Do not waste time copying information that is easy to rebuild in other ways.

Tip 2: How to restore the hard drive

Winchester is the most long-lived computer parts.The user can change the monitor, keyboard, mouse, system block half, but left in place the hard drive because it stores information.But at one point he suddenly stops working.
Winchester is the most long-lived piece
First of all, restart your computer and enter the BIOS configuration mode of your computer's motherboard.Go to the Basic Settings menu (the name may vary depending on the manufacturer BIOS, but it is always the first place of the table), and check whether there is a list of connected IDE or SATA (depending on the interface) devices your hard drive.
If it is not listed, turn off the computer, open the lid and check the system unit is mounted interface and power supply cables of the hard drive.You can also try reversing the connection with a known good device for testing.If as a result of the hard drive and does not appear in the list of connected devices the next time, it could indicate a problem with the hard disk controller on the motherboard or on the hard drive.
Connect the hard drive to another computer and check the detection system's motherboard BIOS.If the device is found - a fault in the motherboard of your computer.If the device is also to be seen - faulty controller installed in the hard drive and you need to repair or replace it.Make it better in the service center.
If the hard drive is determined by the motherboard BIOS, but not visible in the operating system environment, this indicates damage to the engineering information on the disk, is responsible for the layout.First of all, try to restore the hard drive with the help of special tools (MHDD, Victoria).If it is impossible to use these tools (hard drive is not defined by them), visit the manufacturer of the hard drive.There may find a special utility to recover business data ("zero-track") of your device.
If after the use of special tools to restore the hard drive failed - so he physically damaged and its further normal operation impossible.
  • how to repair and restore the hard disk program


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