find on a laptop keyboard on one of the F-keys icon depicting the screen.Press the Fn (it is located in the lower left corner of the keyboard), and then hold it - F-key with this icon.On most laptops by repeatedly pressing this key, you can switch between three modes in the ring, the first of which is only built-in screen, in the second - only the external monitor, projector or plasma display, and the third - and then, and more.In some machines, the third mode may be omitted.
built-in screen laptop turns off automatically if you close it.But it will not be possible to use built-in keyboard and touchpad, so you'll need to connect an external keyboard and mouse.Closing the laptop lid , pre-check, do not lie there on the keyboard any objects, otherwise the screen can be crushed.
can get a laptop screen go out without closing the lid when closing to imitate her.If you know how to disassemble and assemble notebook computers, print out the wires from the sensor close (if a contact).Now, if you close them, even when the lid is open, the screen goes blank.Some laptops sensor has a small plunger.Try to click on it - if the screen turns off, you've found it.You can press it, such as severe nut - most importantly, do not forget to remove it before closing the lid.
When closing the control cover using the reed switch or Hall sensor, closing to simulate using a small magnet.He must be weak, in order to avoid exposure to the hard disk and the adjacent disk.Determine the position of the sensor can be empirically.You can also try to find, for example, by means of staples, the location of the built-in screen of the magnet.Then it will be understood, where the base is laptop sensor.Before you close the lid really do not forget to remove the magnet.
The notebook, which is expected to operate in conjunction with a projector always, it is advisable to disable the built-in screen physically.To do this, unplug the machine, remove the false panels, look in the upper left corner of the motherboard connector of the display, unplug it, isolate, and then set false panels in place.This revision should not be done in laptop x in which the removal of the connector leads to a shortage of space for false panels back.