Tip 1: How to remove the administrator password

Forgotten password - a headache for any computer owner.Some believe that you can not recover the password, and choose to reinstall the whole system to return it to a healthy state.This is not so - the password can be reset, and in this article you'll learn how to do it.If the password is forgotten one of the users of the computer, it can be reset and re-create the administrator.But what if he forgot the administrator password?
you need
  • program Windows miniPE edition
You can change your password by logging in to the system in safe mode.When you start your computer, press F8, in the list that appears, select Safe Mode (Safe Mode).In safe mode, there is a built-in administrator account, log in through it.This account does not require a password.Then, go to the Control Panel in the Account Management section and select the user you want to change your password.Enter a new password and click OK.After restarting and running the system in normal mode, the changes take effect.
You can also change and reset the password from the command line.
Open the "Start", it open the "Run".Enter the command cmd, to open command prompt.At the command prompt, type control userpasswords2, and press Enter.You'll see a menu of management accounts, groups, and their passwords.Select the user that you want to change your password and uncheck the "demand the name and password."Then change your password to a new one.To reset the password, but not to introduce new sections to leave the password blank.
If the means of Windows does not help, use third-party programs, such as restore a forgotten administrator password can emergency recovery disk (Example - Windows miniPE edition).
To boot drive to work, the computer starts up sign in BIOS (Del key or Tab) and install the CD, as a boot device.Once the program starts the disc, go to the following path: miniPE & gt;Programs & gt;System Tools & gt;Password Renew.Specify the path to the Windows folder and update existing passwords.Choose from a list of relevant user and change their passwords, and then confirm the change of the Install button and OK.Reboot and check the correctness of the changes.

Tip 2: How to remove the user password

Remove (delete, remove) the user's password in the operating system Windows Microsoft several ways of varying difficulty.The choice depends on the version of OS, the computer user qualification and degree of access to computer resources.
How to remove the user password
you need
  • - Windows 7 installation disc
Use the "Secure Login" to the need to specify a user account to initiate fulfillmentdeletes the password of the selected user (for Windows XP).
to log into the system via a built-in computer administrator account (Admin, Administrator, Administrator), which does not require an access code and click "Start" to display the main menu of the system (for Windows XP).
Navigate to "Control Panel" and open the link "User Accounts" (for Windows XP).
Specify the account to be edited in the user list and select "Remove password" (for Windows XP).
Confirm the command by pressing the "Delete password" in the dialog box and restart your computer to apply the selected changes (for Windows XP).
Boot from the installation disc and use the "Next" button in the dialog box, select the language of the system to move to the section "System Restore" (for Windows 7).
Click "Next" button in the dialog box and then click "Command Prompt" in the "System Recovery Options" (for Windows 7).
Enter regedit in the text box to launch a command line tool "Registry Editor", and then press Enter to run the command (for Windows 7).
Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key, and select the command "Load Hive" in the "File" menu top toolbar of the program (for Windows 7).
Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key, and select the command "Load Hive" in the "File" menu top toolbar of the program (for Windows 7).
Expand the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ 888 \ Setup and open the option CmdLine double click (for Windows 7).
Specify cmd.exe for the selected option and gazhmite OK to confirm command (for Windows 7).
Open option SetupType double click and enter the value 2 (for Windows 7).
Click OK to confirm the changes and select the entire section 888 in this branch of the registry (for Windows 7).
Enter the command "Unload Hive" in the "File" menu top toolbar of the application window, and quit all open programs (for Windows 7).
Restart the computer to apply the selected changes and perform a normal logon (for Windows 7).
Type the net user user_name new_password in the command line and press Enter to execute the command (for Windows 7).
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