there are users who want to, but do not upgrade the operating system.The reason is simple - the fear of the new and the fear of not coping with the installation yourself.To put the operating system on a laptop, you can use the services of professionals or not to spend money on their own and set seven.To do this, you need to purchase a licensed version of the program.
installation can begin in two ways.If the computer settings allow, can be directly booting from the installation disc, or use a normal startup, set the disc in the DVD drive, confirm the launch of an unattended installation.In the case of multi-language version, select the installation language.Then click install.The program will copy
temporary files to the hard disk.
You will be prompted to connect to the Internet to get the latest software updates installed or not to do so.We choose the latter.Select the type of operating system, depending on the bit processor for 32-bit x86.You must accept the license agreement and between the types of updates and complete the installation, select the second.Next, select the partition on the hard disk, which will be installed.Most often, this is drive C.
process began.The screen displays the steps to be completed before Windows is fully installed on the computer.This unpacking files, installing components, install updates and complete the installation.As long as the installation process, you can have a cup of coffee, because it takes at least 10 minutes.When the computer begins to restart, do not panic - this is normal, especially in the beginning of the process have been warned about this.After reboot the installation will continue.
The first time you start Windows made initial diagnosis equipment and automatically adjusts its settings.Enter your user account name and the name of the computer.Having done that, click on.If necessary, you can set a password that will be required each time you start the system.
last stage - activated copy of Windows.To do this, enter the product key.Setting the time and date - the last step in your way.After downloading, you will see the desktop that will be able to customize yourself and get to work.