you need
  • - Wi-Fi router or router;
  • - network cable.
Treat carefully choosing Wi-Fi-router or router.Consider the fact that many of the above devices work only with a specific set of networks.The symbolism of the type of network is: 802.11X, where X can take different literal values.The fact is that, if your router only works with 802.11b network, a laptop for channel 802.11n, there is no assurance of stable operation of the joint.
How do I configure the router to
Connect your laptop to your router or router using a network cable.Use the LAN port on the router.To connect the
cable to the router requires Internet WAN port or the Internet.
Open the router settings.To do this, type in the address bar of your web browser IP-address.Most often it addresses or .Find the item "Internet Options" or Internet Setup.Fill in all required fields, taking into account the requirements of your ISP.Typically, you should specify the access point (in the case of the Internet from the company "Beeline" it will or, login and password that you use to login.
How do I configure the router to
Save the settings and reboot the router.To do this, unplug it for 15-20 seconds.Open the wireless settings.The English version of this item is called Sonnestion Wireless Setup.Create an access point and set up a password.This is required becauseotherwise, your wireless network will benefit everyone.It threatens your significant loss of speed connection to the Internet, becauseYour channel will be shared between all connected.
How do I configure the router to
Unplug the laptop from the router and activate the search for wireless networks.Select your newly created network and click "connect".Enter your password and enjoy wireless internet access.