you need
  • cell phone, software and cable to it.
Make sure that your mobile phone supports GPRS (almost all modern phones are capable of it).Call customer support mobile operator and ask whether connected to your tariff plan supports GPRS.If not connected.Make a request for its connection.At your request, the staff will send mobile campaign settings to your phone as SMS.Save them.
configure the connection phone and computer.To do this, use the special cable for phone cable or USB (many phones today have a USB port).You can also co
nnect the phone to a laptop via a wireless interface Bluetooth, if your phone have such an opportunity.Install software for phone .It is often attached to the phone on the CD.If there was such a complete disc, you can download the program from the manufacturer phone .For example, for Nokia phones such program is called the Nokia Ovi Suite.As part of such a program, as a rule, there is a utility to configure the Internet connection.In the absence of such a possibility, configure the Internet connection manually.
Set modem.To do this in the Control Panel, select the "Phone and Modem Options", select a country code.In the "Phone and Modem Options" tab "Modems" in the list check the modem phone and click "Properties".In the next window, go to the "Advanced Settings link" and list the initialization string, click "OK".The initialization string must be found in a support service of your mobile operator.For example, MTS, initialization string would look like this: AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "".
Configure Internet connection on your computer.In the Control Panel, select "Network Connections" - "Create a new connection".Follow the instructions of the New Connection Wizard. "As a number phone dialer select one of the following: * 99 #, * 99 *** 1 #, * 99 ** 1 * 1 #.Number depends on the manufacturer phone .Ask your mobile phone operator.After you are finished, click on the icon to connect to the desktop, press the "call" and wait for the connection to the Internet.