The main argument is that experienced users lead to disconnection of the battery notebook after prolonged use of the network is that the battery is installed on the device is always in charge mode, which significantly reduces its life.

But in fact, the battery goes into recharging only when the level of allowable discharge structure falls below 90-95%, while the laptop from the network is not threatened.Standard laptop battery is designed for operation with a plurality of alternating between charge and discharge cycles.

In addition, the battery to provide power to the laptop in case of accidental power failure in the network, which sometimes happens.Therefore, the battery inserted in its place when working
on the electrical network, will allow time to save data and prevent data loss.Agree, so you save not only time, but also peace of mind.

additional counterargument, decomposing arguments defenders work without battery, may be the fact that the main advantage of a laptop - mobility.Connected battery allows no waste of time to move to another location and continue working.If the battery is disconnected, you will not only have to insert it into the slot, but also a time to recharge to bring the device to full readiness.Remember that the battery is disconnected from the laptop is subject to self-discharge.

However, if you are a long time working in a steady state, assured of uninterrupted supply voltage or use a special mains filter, allowing additional time for an emergency shutdown, you may well turn off the battery from the laptop.That's only for the duration of the battery is almost not affected.Statistics says that the average life duration of the battery in any case not more than two or three years.