you need
  • Computer, Microsoft Windows, USB flash drive, the program UltraISO, a program DAEMON Tools, Internet access
First of all, you need to write Windows on flash drive.Capacity stick should be at least 4 gigabytes.Download the desired version of Windows from the Internet.Download from the Internet operating system has got ISO format (virtual disk image).Then download the program UltraISO.It is required to make a bootable USB flash drive.
Open the Windows image using UltraISO.Go to the menu "Bootstrapping" and select "Burn hard disk image.
"Creating a bootable USB drive destroy any information stored on it.Consider this.Insert the flash drive into the computer.Flash card will appear in the menu, select it.As a record type, select «USB-HDD» and click "Save."The recording process will last 10 to 25 minutes.At the end you will be informed that the process is successfully completed.
Restart the computer and continuously press «DEL».So you get into the BIOS.Select the line «BOOT», further in line «BOOT DEVISE PRORITY» select «USB-HDD».Click the command «Save end Exit».
computer restarts and begins the process of installing Windows from a flash drive.If you do not want to install Windows in this moment, simply remove the flash drive from the computer.To start the installation process, you will need just before turning the computer to insert the flash drive into the USB port.
If you do not want Windows to download from the Internet, and it is already on the disc, it must be converted to the format ISO.Download and install DAEMON Tools.Insert the DAEMON Tools in the drive of your computer.In DAEMON Tools, select the "File" menu, select "Create a new image."After completing the process you have Windows in ISO format that can be recorded on a USB flash drive and install it with both Windows as described above.