What would you do if your desktop computer "frozen"?Please try to "revive" it, causing the task manager and try to complete the work does not meet the program.The same should be done in the case when "floating" laptop.
Press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete and start the task manager Windows.Select the program, the state is "not responsible" and click "End Task."This should return the operating system to a working state.
If you use Task Manager was unable to remove the "freeze" should resort to drastic measures.As in the case of a desktop computer, press the power button on the laptop and hold for a few seconds.This action should lead to the shutdown of the notebook.
If the power button does not respond
when I press on the desktop computer, you can press another button - Reset (will reboot), and if that does not work - transfer switch in the Off position on the power supply, oreventually remove the power cord.But in the laptop should act differently.
The main body of the mobile computer not find the Reset button, and switch on its power supply and removing the power cord, you will not get anywhere, because the laptop will continue to run on battery power.However, the problem is easily solved - disconnect the battery itself for a few seconds.
To do this, remove the power cord, close the lid of the laptop, turn the computer upside down, and then disconnect the battery from the notebook.On most laptops, this is done by moving a special latch.Disconnect the battery, you are guaranteed to turn off the "hovering" laptop.