Tip 1: How to roll back the system windows

With the ability to return in time to a Windows system through the point of recovery, the operating system can be rolled back to an earlier date.Windows creates a restore point automatically when you install programs that, according to the system itself, can make changes in its architecture or to harm.
To roll back to an earlier date, you need to start the selected restore point in the past.To do this on Windows 7 / Vista, go to "Control Panel" in the "Start" menu, select View - large icons or small icons and find a shortcut that is called "Restore."
In Windows XP, System Restore utility is located in the "Start" menu - directory "Programs" - "Accessories" - "Tools" - "System Restore."
In the System Restore, click "Launch System Restore."In the Restore Wizard window system files and folders, click "Next" and select a restore point, as much as possible in the distant past of today's date, and then click "Next" and "Finish".
computer restarts, but if it does not, it will need to
reboot independently.Also, before you restart or after it on the screen you will see a band of the recovery process.Windows will start normally, when the recovery process will reach the finals, in other words, when the strip is completely loaded.

Tip 2: How to downgrade

game developers have their own concept of the release of games: initially created and is published in the basic version of the game, and then in the course of its use by gamers are different patches.If you installed the patch for the game World of Warcraft and do not know how to get the old version of (addition, you did not accept), use the following described advice.
How to downgrade
you need
  • installed on the computer game World of Warcraft.
When you install the patch most of the files inside the folder of the game is replaced by copies.By default, many games are directories that contain source files.Of course, you can try a reinstall from the original disk, but a chance to lose the performance of saved records.
To restore the files you need you need to use a special program Repair, which is in the distribution of any product of the company Blizzard.But for the right of its work is necessary to prepare everything the game files.Copy them from the folder C: Program FilesWorld of Warcraft to any other directory (this is done in any case, to restore).
Go back to the original directory with the game, select all folders except the directory Data.Please note that you need to delete the folders and files that are below the directory, do not touch it.
then open the Data folder and remove it from the file 2: patch.MPQ and patch-2.MPQ.These files - not that other, as the recently installed patch.Then open the file realmist.wtf (located in the folder C: Program FilesWorld of WarcraftData
uru) with any text editor and then clear it.Enter the following sentence: set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com.Do not forget to save the file when you close by clicking "Yes" in the dialog box.
in the main game folder, locate and double-click the file Repair.exe.When the inscriptions Can not connect to the server to run the file again.In the window that Blizzard Repair Check the box opposite the existing paragraphs 3 ticks and click Reset and Check files.After the inscription Blizzard Repair has successfully repaired World of Warcraft close the utility window.
Now start the game and check the version of .You may want to install this version on top of another.
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