Start by opening the terminal command line - first win, press and select the menu command "Run."If your OS version of the item in the main menu is not present, use keyboard shortcuts win + r.Then enter the three letters cmd, and then press enter.
use to connect the network drive command net use.In this command, you must specify the letter ', which should be assigned to the connected network drive, the network name of the computer on which the disc (folder, drive, etc.) is physically located, and the shared name assigned to the computer connected disk.For example, to connect to the network folder name sharedDocs, which is located on your hard disk that has the network name mainC
omp, and assigning this network drive letters G, the command should be written as: net use g: \ mainCompsharedDocs.Instead of the computer name, you can use its IP-address.For example: net use g: \ you enter press enter and the network drive is connected.
pointing in the same team, user name and password assigned to it, if it is required to connect to a network resource.For example, if a given sample in the previous step to connect to the network computer mainComp myPass requires a password, and it is assigned to the user myName, the command must be supplemented by key u with an indication of the data: net use g: \ mainCompsharedDocs / u: myName "myPass".
persistent key is added to the value yes, if produced by the net use command to connect the network drive you want to automatically restore and after the next boot.For example, a sample from the second step in this case should look like this: net use g: \ mainCompsharedDocs / persistent: yes.
Use the key delete, if you need to disconnect the network drive.For example, the command net use g: / delete disable drive G. To switch off all network drives use an asterisk instead of letters: net use * / delete.