Tip 1: How to turn on the keyboard side

Side keyboard often called digital or more.This is a group of keys, located to the right of the main keyboard.The standard consists of seventeen keys and includes nine numbered buttons, as well as signs of the four mathematical operations, the dividing point, press the Enter key and activate the keyboard.Most of the keys have dual functionality.
Press labeled Num Lock, to turn on the digital keyboard .It is located, as a rule, just at this very separate numeric keypad and is on the first (left) place in the top row.He works as a trigger, that is when the side section of the keyboard is off, pressing this button it includes, and when enabled - switches off.
Use the key combination fn + f11 to enable this additional digital keyboard on a laptop or a laptop.Some of the models of computers to reduce the size of the keypad removed, and its functions transferred to the group of buttons on the keyboard.These buttons have additional symbols, different color designations main keys.
Pressing the combination fn + f11 overrides the function of these keys, and they begin to work in the same way as the numeric keypad on a standard keyboard.F11 key can be replaced by another function key depending on the computer model.
Change the value of the corresponding settings in the BIOS, if the keypad is inactive immediately after loading the operating system.Not all BIOS versions have the option, but if it is in your computer, it may be called, for example, Num Lock Status, and the value corresponding to the ON state is indicated by the word ON.To enter the settings panel BIOS, reboot the operating system via the main menu on the button "Start" and wait for the computer off and start a new loading cycle.When the lights on the keyboard blink, press the Delete key and you will see the panel settings BIOS.Sometimes, instead of Delete to press f10, f2, f1, or a combination of keys that can be learned from the description of your version.

Tip 2: How to turn on the keypad

problem of correct operation keypad is quite common to nix-platforms.Customers faced with a challenge, sometimes drive themselves to a standstill, sinning in the "curvature" of the last version of the distribution, although the solution to the problem on the surface.
How to turn on the keypad
you need
  • family operating system Linux.
most heavily exposed to this disease fresh distributions (alpha and beta), mainly on the basis of Debian, namely: Ubuntu and Linux Mint.First of all you need to find out the cause of turning off the keyboard, becausewillfully she could not do it.
Test the keyboard NumLock-buttons in different applications, games, and console (standard and virtual).Pay attention to its use in games, you need to assign actions to the buttons used (1 to 9).Do not be afraid to assign all of the buttons, the setting can always return to the original view.
At the serviceable block NumLock keys must function in applications such as "Standard Calculator┬╗, Gedit and Internet browsers (programs that work with this type of keyboard directly).To start the virtual console, use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + T, and for normal Ctrl + Alt + F1 (F1-F6).
If all programs listed above, the problem persists, and there is a chance to eliminate the option inoperable keyboard, so you have activated the "Managing the mouse pointer with the keyboard."To cure this disease just enough to re-press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + NumLock.
subsequent attempts to avoid accidental pressing of keys, please refer to the menu "System" and select "Keyboard" from the "Options".In the window that opens, navigate to the "mouse buttons", deselect "Allow to control the pointer with the keyboard."Now, the problem is no longer disturb you.
In some cases, you may need to reboot the system or restart only '' X ┬╗(x-server).To do this, press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Backspace.
  • how to turn on the keypad


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