Before the start of restoration work is necessary to remove the battery pack and carefully disassemble the plastic housing.Inside there are 4 pairs of elements.The elements in the pair are connected in parallel pairs themselves have a serial connection.
necessary to connect the load to be checked with the battery cells, and then check the voltage.The load using conventional automotive lamp with a power consumption of 20 watts.
Visually define the intensity of the glow bulbs and parallel to check the voltage of a digital multimeter.The voltage of each pair should be about 3.2-4.0 V. If the voltage is within this range, the controller needs repair.This device provides full control of the regime "charge-discharge"
the battery.
At low rate need to check each item separately.First, unsolder the controller board from the laptop battery , pre-sketched circuit diagram.To determine the correct performance of each element in the pair, it is necessary to separate each pair of elements connecting by cutting a metal strip on each side of the pole.
You will need a lamp as a load element and a multimeter.Connect the bulb directly to the multimeter and measure the voltage of each element, which must be between 1.7-2.0 V. A significant drop in voltage or even its absence indicates the need to replace the defective item.After finishing diagnosis elements, culling is not serviceable items, and serviceable, must be subjected to discharge by connecting them to the light bulb.
Next, you need to purchase new items of the same type and make them discharge.If you do not do this procedure, the controller board will not correctly detect the charge level of a new set of items.
Performing this operation and solder all the contacts and the controller card, you can start testing the operation of the updated battery with a controller that should control the laptop battery Ā«from scratch."