you need
  • - Knife;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - multimeter;
  • - cyano-acrylate glue.
First, determine the type of battery used in your notebook.This is usually a nickel-metal hydride (older models) or lithium ion (relatively new) items.To do this, visit the manufacturer of the mobile computer.Sometimes it contains information on how to restore the battery using the utility built into the firmware BIOS.
If revive the battery by means of the program can not be, then remove the battery from the laptop, after disconnecting it from the mains.Disassemble the battery and remove all items from the box.
When using NiMH batteries follow the steps below.Separated from each other all the batteries.There may be more than ten pieces.Prepare s
ome light bulbs.Better use of automotive lamps (21 W).Solder the wires to them and connect one lamp on each element of power.Leave the unit for about 10 hours.It is necessary to fully discharge the batteries.
now charge all the elements.For this power supply unit can use the mobile computer and the aforementioned lamp.Connect the lamp to the batteries in series and connect the battery charging unit with a laptop.Repeat the cycle of charge and discharge elements 2 more times.Then assemble the battery and connect it to your laptop.
When using a lithium-ion battery, you will need cyano-acrylate glue.Without it, you will not be able to combine the elements after recovery.Be sure to fully discharge the battery.Remove all batteries from the case and gently separate blocks.They generally consist of two or three cells.To do this, you have to unsolder the metal plates that connect the battery.
Battery Pack Li-ion battery
Measure the voltage of each element.If it is substantially below 3.7, the block is to be replaced.With a 5-watt bulb lower voltage of each cell to 3.1 V. The same procedure and proceed with new batteries.Assemble the battery, install it in your laptop and connect the charger.