Tip 1: How to make yourself an administrator on the computer

Some operating system functions are only available to the administrator of the computer.For example, the user needs to add another logical partition, and the system has blocked this possibility.Administrator rights in Windows XP provide full access to other user profiles and the ability to install any software and implement the prohibition to install software.
you need
  • computer operating system Windows XP
Click on the icon "My Computer" right-click, and in the ensuing menu, select "Manage".A window appears in which to find the parameter "Local groups and users."On the contrary it is to be an arrow.Click on it with the left mouse button and you will see two lines - the "Users" and "Groups".Select the line "Community", and in it - your profile by clicking the right button of the mouse.
pop up a context menu that click on the tab "Properties", then - "Group".You will see the group "Administrators".Click on "Add", then OK.Now, in order for the changes to take effect, restar
t your computer.
There is another way to how to make an existing profile administrator computer and create a new profile with administrator rights.Click "Start," then select "Control Panel."It get 'accounts and users. "Select "Add or remove user accounts and users."
Now, depending on the situation, it is necessary to act in two ways.The first method assumes that you already have an account on this computer .Select your account and in the dialog box "Changes in the account" scroll to "Change the account type."Will pop up a window where you can choose the type of account.Select "Administrator".Then at the bottom click on the command "Change account type".Now you are the administrator computer.
The second method is applicable in the event that you do not have an account on the computer .Once you click "Add or remove user accounts and users' click on the line" Create an account ".A window will appear where you should enter your account name, and as the account type, select "Administrator".

Tip 2: How to enter the computer administrator

After you install Windows operating system computer require the creation of a user account.Necessarily administrator account computer , as the administrator - this is the main user has all privileges provided by a computer software .Administrators can change the software options, and make it their own adjustments.The account "Administrator" will allow you to log in as the primary user.
How to enter the computer administrator
In order to enter the computer administrator , need to know whether the computer is part of a domain or workgroup.If your computer is a workgroup, click the left mouse button on the "Start" button in the taskbar, then click the series "Setup - & gt;Control Panel - & gt;User Accounts - & gt;Account Management. "Once You will be prompted to enter the administrator account, enter the password and confirm.The name of the account is selected, and the type of column displayed the "Group".If the group belongs to the administrative, then the user is an administrator computer .
If your computer is part of a domain, enter me, "Start", then follow the chain of actions "Control Panel - & gt;User Accounts - & gt;Family Safety - & gt;User Accounts - & gt;Manage another account. "As soon as the screen prompts you to enter the Administrator account, enter a password and confirm.The name of the account is selected, and the type of column displayed the "Group".If the group belongs to administrative means - has computer administrator .
user`s same in Windows as an administrator, you can, if you select the appropriate account and, if necessary, enter a password and confirm password.
Helpful Hint
If your account is not the administration, you can not go to the computer with an account "Administrator".If you want to be an administrator, contact the administrator to genuine requests for administrator privileges.
  • on the computer to create another user


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