Tip 1: How to repair a laptop battery

Rechargeable Battery is one of the most vulnerable points of the laptop .If your laptop is not running on battery power, even when the battery is fully charged or just became very quickly discharged - it's time to change the battery.Of course, the easiest way - is to buy a new battery.But what if your laptop for several years and batteries to it is no longer produced?Or, at this moment you do not want to spend money to buy an expensive battery?You can try to repair the battery by hand.
you need
  • hammer, knife or blade from the knife stationery, voltage tester, a resistor, a soldering iron.
Pick up items for zamenySleduet remember that all elements of the battery must be of the same type and the same capacity.It is very desirable that they were all from the same batch.Batteries must have the same battery internal resistance and voltage.
Prepare ustanovkeNovye items to go on sale items charged half.The battery should be discharged to establish the elements of which the v
oltage is about 3,1V.To discharge resistor elements may be used.To do this, connect all the elements ("minus" to "minus", "plus" to "plus").Discharge the elements one by one is not recommended.
Fully discharge the battery laptop .
Remove it from the case.
Open the housing batareiObstuchite battery case around the perimeter and a small hammer.Stick in a scalpel blade into the battery to a depth of 1-2 mm.Once in the body will crack open your shell halves hands.
tester Measure the voltage across each of the elements.
Disconnect the old elements of the electronic circuit board, moving from the more "plus" to the smaller.
connect new elements moving in reverse.Connect the first "earth", and then "plus".
Carefully check the quality of the soldering and the connection.
Replace the battery cover.
Install the battery in the laptop casing .
Turn on the computer to the network.
After charging the battery, check the work.If battery life has increased - everything is done correctly.

Tip 2: How to repair a battery

heating season in full swing, and the batteries in your apartment suddenly gave a leak.Puddle on the floor, dripping from the battery (and even shed) boiling water, and maintenance crews will have to wait until the next day.In your own strength, if not eliminate leaks at all, or at least reduce the water pressure to a minimum.
How to repair a battery
If a leak formed in the tube or directly to the place of its connection to the battery, take the right size piece of plastic rubber and as closely as possible secure it with wire or strong ropeto the point of leakage.And if you are, in principle, we used to deal with minor repairs around the house, then you certainly can find a special metal clamp, with which you can do to stop the leak.
If the battery runs itself, the resulting fistula need to insert a bolt-screw.It's easy to do - a bolt block the hole and flow decrease.With this method, it is practically impossible to eliminate the leak completely, but at least you wait for the repair team in a relaxed atmosphere.
When you need to close the water leakage, resulting from the depressurization joints sections to deal with this problem the easiest way.Take a cloth soaked with epoxy glue it, and then this fabric is very tight wrap spill area.This will zagermetiziruete battery , and the water stops flowing.In fact, with a little skill in the latter case, you can even do without repairmen.
In case if any of the following methods in your case, for whatever reason, can not be applied, and the water flows a continuous stream, take a large piece of thick fabric, absorbs water (such as a blanket orveil) and tightly wrap them all battery .So you will save the room from a hot shower and to collect water will be much easier.Well, first of all, of course, call the emergency services and call a repair team, which will deal with your professional leakage.They not only repair the damage, but will replace defective sections or pipes, or even recommend a more robust model radiators.
renovated during the first charging must be strictly controlled.Closely monitor the battery temperature.If there are problems should immediately unplug the charger and remove the battery from the laptop.
Helpful Hint
When repairing laptop battery must be replaced all the items at once.
  • laptop battery repair their own hands


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