Install utility HLDS Update Tool.This program was created by the very Valve, and allow you to download files directly to the server.To do this, create a shortcut file HldsUpdateTool.exe, open the properties, and in line with the executable file append: -command update -game valve -dir #, where # - address where installed HLDS.Console appears type DOS, which will reflect the results of the download, the duration of which will depend on the speed of your Internet.
Download any dedicated game forum Metamod.This utility is designed fans need to install on the server a number of necessary plug-ins.Archive files unpack at valveaddonsmetamod, then file liblist.gam (located in the directory valve) line gamedll "dllshl.
dll" to replace gamedll "addonsmetamodmetamod.dll" - this activates the program.
Pick plugins to install on your server.Those on the Internet a huge number: some allow you to move objects and others are administered on a server role-playing elements, and others make access to the rights of the administrator easier.An excellent example of the latter type of extensions - Amx Mod X, which allows you to control the game right from the many nuances of the gameplay.
Configure the server.You can do this by editing the file sever.cfg, located in the folder valve.Open the document in a text editor.Change should be a string hostname "My Server" - quoted enter the server name;Set Rates for string is a list of the parameters match with numerical values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are amenable freestyle editing under // cheat and fun modes you will find opportunities avtopritselivaniya and enable cheats.
Open the properties of the shortcut hlds.exe.In the address bar enter the following parameters: hlds.exe -console + sv_lan 0 -insecure -game valve -nomaster + maxplayers 21 + map de_dust + port 27015 + ip + exec listip.cfg.In sum, it can be interpreted as "start-up Half-life (game valve) at (ip, port) on the map de_dust (map) to 21 players (maxplayers) without the support of steam (nomaster) and without a password (insecure). "Save the changes and run the game using this shortcut.