Firstly, it is worth noting that the password set for the whole stick, unfortunately, can not.To set a password on any fragment that is stored on the USB-stick, special software is required.

standard means

For example, if you do not need to fully protect the entire flash drive, and you want to block password-only some files, then do it, you can easily by simply setting the password in the "Security" (clickRight-click on the folder, choose "Properties").In addition, some programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and others allow you to set a password on file with them.To do this, just go to the tab "Tools" pull-down menu and select "Options."In the "Security" you can set a password for: launch a document or sharing (including copyi
ng, moving, etc.).

Special software

Naturally, in addition to the standard Windows tools and affiliate programs, you can take advantage of other software.For example, the program Rohos Mini Drive allows you to work even without administrator rights.A free version of this software can be easily found on the Internet.It allows the user to create an encrypted password, or even hidden partition up to 2 GB.In order to work with the program, it is enough to download and copy to the USB-stick.After that, you must click on the icon and select one of the following options: Encrypt USB Drive (set the password) or Hide Folder (hide a folder).

There is another very good analogue - software USB Safeguard.It is also, as in the case with the previous software is portable (requires administrator rights) application, that is, it is enough to download and copy to the USB-stick.Working with this program even easier than with the previous one.After you copy it to the USB-stick and run, a window appears where you can enter a password for your drive.To access the files, just click on them and enter the password you created earlier.In addition, due to the fact that the program after entering the password reset it every time you install new, thus increasing the safety and confidentiality of your data.

Thus it turns out that each user if desired, can easily protect yourself and your information through special programs, set a password on the USB-stick.