you need
  • Operating System family of Windows.
Among the known methods of controlling resolution screen laptop are two most accessible: management dimensions screen means the video card driver, and using features of the operating system (Windows 7).
first method can be used with a separate video card in your system.To set the video card driver, it is important to download from the official site.Do not forget that when downloading the drivers you need to specify the version of the operating system, to avoid potential conflicts when installed.
Once the drivers have been installed, you must restart the notebook by selecting "Restart the computer now" and clicking "Finish".You can also click on the "Star
t" button and select "OFF" by pressing the "Reset" button (for Windows 7 you have to press on the side of the arrow and select the appropriate item).
After the computer should run the application that you resize the image could navigate.Minimize the application and right-click a blank area of ​​the desktop.From fallen context menu, select "Properties".
This opens a window property settings screen , go to "Settings".Use the slider to change the screen resolution .Upon reaching the desired value release the slider and click "Apply".
Restore the application and see if there is enough you reduce the size.If you are satisfied, click "OK" otherwise press "Cancel" button.Try again to reduce the resolution, then repeat the above described operation.
New versions of operating systems such as Windows 7, you can quickly change the screen resolution .Actually this same procedure, in which you adjust the values ​​of the driver, but their implementation takes less time.Right-click a blank area of ​​the desktop and select "Screen Resolution ».
In the window that play with the slider, select and save the result by pressing the appropriate button.