you need
  • computer running Windows
Disconnect internet connection.This must be done if you accidentally activate download updates.Click on the network icon in the system tray and click the link "Center Network and Sharing Center."Here, click "Change adapter settings", click the right mouse button on the label network connection and click on the word "Disable".Now you can safely change the parameters of the OS upgrade.
Go to the main menu "Start" and select "Control Panel."Locate and run the snap "Control Center Windows».If the About box of the item is not present,
then go to "System and Security".As a result, you will open a window that displays information about the installed and downloaded updates, as well as sections with different settings.
Select "Settings."Find the "Important updates", which is a drop-down list.Click on it and choose "Do not check for updates (not recommended)."As a result, the system will not automatically search for, download and install updates.
If you have an internet connection, it is best to choose "Search for updates, but the decision to download and install accepted me."In this case, the Update Center will not take the traffic, but only to tell you that the system can be updated.Deciding on downloading and installing at the same time you'll be alone.
Remove the check mark in the "Recommended updates" and "Who can install updates."As a result of the installation of the update may be engaged only user of the computer as an administrator, and will be shared by all downloaded files to the recommended and important.
Click "OK" to save the settings Update Center, and restart the computer so that they register in the register.Then you can turn back the internet connection.