you need
  • - Insyde Flash;
  • - USB-drive;
  • - access to the Internet.
To simplify the BIOS firmware is best to use a program that allows to work in the environment of the operating system Windows.If you are dealing with a company laptop Toshiba, then download the program InsydeFlash.The utility version must not be lower than 3.5.
Download the firmware for your motherboard.Visit in the table, specify the desired model of the mobile computer.In no case do not use the software intended for other notebook models.
Prepare a mobile computer firmware.Disconnect the device from the Internet.To do this, unplug the power cord or turn off the Wi-Fi adapter.Close all unnecessary programs.Be sure to turn off antivirus o
r even to suspend its work.
If the laptop is running without a battery, turn off the computer and install the battery.Recharge 40-50%.Switching off the notebook in the firmware will result in malfunction of motherboard.
Run Inside Flash.Click the Search button and select the downloaded firmware file.Click the Start button and wait for the completion of the program.In no case do not stop the process and turn off the laptop.
If this method to flash the BIOS does not work, then copy the downloaded file on a USB-drive and rename it to bios.fd.Format the flash drive in the pre-format FAT32.
Turn off the laptop and remove the battery.Connect the power cable to a mobile computer.Connect a USB flash drive to USB-port.Press and hold the Fn key and F. In some Toshiba models you want to use other keys.Now press the Power (inclusion).If your flash drive has a light, then wait for it to turn on and release the Fn key and F.
Wait restart the laptop or wait 10-15 minutes.Verify the stability of the device.