Clear the cache on the laptop and on my desktop is made exactly the same way.You are running the same programs (Internet browsers), which are served in a similar manner.
Clearing the cache in Internet Explorer as follows.In the context menu, select the tab "Tools."Find the item "Internet Options."This opens a window where you must select the "General" tab, there will be a line "Browsing history" and below the button "Delete", click on it.In the new window, check the box next line "Temporary Internet files" (copies of Web pages, images and media files that are saved to speed up the re-view
To delete the cache in the browser Opera, call the menu "General Settings".You can press the key combination Ctrl + F12, can call the window through the context menu from the "Settings" tab.In the "Settings" tab, select "Advanced" and from the list on the left below the line "history."On the contrary the inscription "Disk Cache" click "Clear".
If you have a browser Google Chrome, click on the stash a wrench, which is located in the upper right corner of the window.Will reveal the list, look for the option "Tools" and then select the message "Delete browsing data."In the resulting window, "Clear browsing data" mark the check box "Clear Cache" and click on "Delete browsing data."
Mozilla Firefox.To clear it cache, select the tab "Tools" menu and click on the list on the line "Settings".A new window opens, go to the item "Privacy", where you need to find the line "Personal data".Near this point it is necessary to click "Clear Now."
To clear the cache stored in the browser Safari, click the button, which is responsible for setting.She's in the upper-right corner of your browser window.In the drop-down list, select "Reset SafariĀ».Then press the "Clear Cache" and then click "Reset".