Tip 1: How to restore windows from the command line

If the Windows operating system becomes unstable, often without cause reboots or freezes, many such cases, immediately begin to reinstall the operating system.It is not necessary to do it right.Very often unstable operating system happens due to lack of system files.Try to restore the normal operation of Windows and restore system files, you can use the command line .
you need
  • computer running the operating system Windows.
Click "Start".In the resulting menu, click "All Programs."From the list of programs, select "Standard", then - "Command Prompt."At the command prompt, type sfc.exe / and press Enter.Start scanning system files.If the system detects the absence of the necessary files, if possible, they will be restored to a stand-alone operating system directory.After this procedure, close the command prompt and restart the computer.This command file recovery works on all operating systems.
If you have Windows XP operating systems, and it does not run, and you do not h
ave access to the command line, you need to run it in safe mode.To do this, turn on the computer and continuously press F8.You will see a menu of options for starting the operating system.Alternatively, start, select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt."Wait until the operating system does not start in Safe Mode.Please note that the process of loading Windows in this mode can be quite long, the screen may become dark, and at first glance it may appear that the computer hangs.But it is not.
When the operating system is loaded, the desktop will be the words "Safe Mode."Most of the major functions in safe mode is not available.
Go to the command line, as described above, and then type "% systemroot% / system32 / restore / strui.exe".Then press Enter.Appears "Restore Wizard" of the operating system.Then simply follow all of his tips.
If you type the command, nothing happens, then you need not copy the command, and enter it manually.After the "Restore Wizard" finishes, restart the computer and log on in the usual way.If all goes well, the operating system must operate stably.

Tip 2: How to open the System Restore

to return to the correct operation of the operating system used application « Recovery system ».Sometimes, run it using the standard Explorer shell is impossible, and the command line is quite real.
How to open System Restore
you need
  • Software:
  • - Command line;
  • - Registry Editor, Regedit.
If after any action to boot the system in the usual way is impossible, it is recommended to use additional options.When your computer starts, press F8 and select "Safe Mode."But in this mode, the system does not always function properly, to resolve this issue after pressing the F8 key you must select 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt. "
where you need to go through an authentication procedure - specify the user as Administrator and enter the password if it is set at installation to the distribution.Type regedit, and press Enter, to continue.
sequentially open the following directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Software, Microsoft, WindowsNT, CurrentVersion, and Winlogon.Go to the right pane, open the shell parameter and replace Explorer.exe to Progman.exe.Close the Registry Editor and save the settings.
Next you need to restart your computer for this in the command prompt, type shutdown -r, and then press Enter.When you start your system you must again undergo the procedure of authentication, log in as the administrator.
You will see the application "Program Manager."Click the top menu "File" and select "Run."In the empty field, type the following line:% systemRoot% system32
strui.exe.Press Enter to run this application.
In the window that opens, click to select the options you want to restore or use the wizard to install the recommended settings.Upon completion of the recovery system may be required again to boot into safe mode and change to Progman Eplorer.
It is worth noting that the recovery system can completely recover once lost passwords from a variety of programs, but to return the lost password from your account so it will not turn.
Helpful Hint
You put Windows XP installation CD into the drive and reboot, the BIOS expose as the first boot device drive, if you do not know how to read BIOS: Download.Next, the installation program is loaded Windows XP, and after loading the menu appears, select it in punkt№2.To repair a Windows XP Recovery Console, press R.
  • recovery windows from the command line


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