tab in the main menu of the BIOS settings, the user can get various information about your system, serial number, restore or update the BIOS, and set the time and date.On the Security tab, the user can easily set a password to run the system and adjust (change) existing settings.

menu system diagnostics, the user is given a few standard programs, through which it can test certain components of the system.These utilities allow time to diagnose and fix problems later.The user can test any software errors or hardware that is installed on your computer.If you find a fault in the equipment is, the message will appear with which the user can send a message to a fault component.

in the system configuration, you can change many settings start, the language and the boot sequence.In this menu, you can: configure di
splay language BIOS, enable or disable the boot parameters of equipment, load reorder them (recommended to assign the hard drive as the very first boot option).

How to Enter the BIOS on a laptop HP

To start the BIOS setup menu on notebooks from HP, should be included (restart) device and repeatedly press the Esc.Launch menu appears where the user will be asked a few ways to start the PC.To enable protection BIOS you have to press the keyboard key, F10.

If the standard version of the BIOS does not fit start, meaning it is not included, you can try to push instead Ess one of the following keys: F2, F6, F8, F11 or Delete.After clicking the appropriate button immediately should see a menu (F1 - to obtain information about the system, F2 - for system diagnostics, F9 - to prioritize startup, F10 - to run the BIOS, F11 - to restore the system), either the BIOS.

Once you make the necessary changes, you can go to the tab Exit and select Exit and Save Changes, or simply click on the button F12 and confirm the action.If something goes wrong, you can restore the default settings in the same Exit menu with a special option restores the default settings.