you need
  • Phillips screwdriver.
For starters learn the characteristics of video card installed.If you are dealing with an integrated graphics card, then you have two ways to solve problems.First, set the second full-length graphics card.
To do this, turn off the laptop.Remove all locking screws and remove the bottom cover.Find a port for connecting video and install it.Reassemble the laptop and turn on the device.
Install the required drivers and software.Most likely, you will need to install a program that allows you to switch between the graphics cards installed.
downside of this method is that not all laptops pre-loaded with an integrated video card has a port for connecting a second device.In this case, increase the capacity of existing equipment.
Integrated video cards work by the comput
er's RAM.More often than not to run "heavy" application or game requires a large amount of RAM and a video card .Install an additional charge of RAM, the system can allocate more resources to the graphics card.
If your laptop full graphics card installed, then configure the settings for the start of its work.To do this, turn off unnecessary features.Normally turn off the vertical synchronization and anisotropic filtering.You can also resize the desktop or application to reduce the load on the graphics card.
If you decide to replace the video card, you must first examine the possibility of motherboard.Specify the type of port that is connected to the video card.Determine the maximum volume of the device is recommended for the conscientious use of the motherboard and other equipment.
Repeat the operations described in the second and third steps.